Building a national resilience for sustainable food security


AGRICON 2021 will offer a range of opportunities to End Hunger via exhibitions, workshops, advertisement, involving women in agriculture, widows, and youths empowerment, and display of mechanized agriculture. It is an ideal platform to showcase to the world how your agency, institution, or establishment can End Hunger Today. “DON’T MISS THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY”.

In 2020 at the Metro Event Centre in Owerri, the turnout of participants at the AGRICON Conference and Expo was quite impressive. This was a clear sign of the extraordinary quality of what AGRICON brings to the table and the large range of highly renowned speakers in the field of agriculture.


Our focus is to use the #EndHungerToday initiative as a conference stable that enables exchange of farm and management ideas that grant access to food production opportunities. We will be dispensing human resource development interests to produce agricultural best practices in capacity building, trades, and agro-based transactions.

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Agribusiness stimulus plan for  building a

national resilience for sustainable food 




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stimulus plan for poverty reduction 

EXPO 2021


AGRICON 2021 EXPO will feature the following agricultural sectors: Fisheries, Livestock, Crops, Seeds, Machinery, Biotech, and Agric Finance.

Prepare to strike fantastic deals, and sponsor AGRICON 2021 to brighten your corporate image.


Meet International and local exhibitors, development agencies, researchers and business partners and financiers.


Listen to world class agriculturalists speak on food security and the synergy of agribusiness initiatives and government interventions on food issues and SGD Goal 2 Zero hunger and youth and women inclusion in food value chains.


Connect with over 2000 participants of farmers, fishermen, farm inputs dealers, government agencies and NGOs.