AGRICON 2021 is a two-day event (September 21st & 22nd) designed to be a gathering of agribusiness innovators all over the world, professionals, consultants, scholars, and agro strategic policymakers coming together to exchange views on how best to end hunger. The event will avail us with new approaches of crop improvements, value addition on staple foods processing, exhibiting modern techniques on improving farm yield, fish production, and animal husbandry to arrest the specter of joblessness and malnourishment now confronting our nation.

Our company Agribusiness Innovation Ltd (AGRICON) is an agricultural business and advisory establishment involved in harnessing human and material resources in the optimal production, sales, and marketing of farm commodities, machinery, inputs, and techniques tailored to meet the demands of the evolving local and international markets. We dispense human resource development interests that produce agricultural best practices in capacities, trades, and agro-based transactions. As an agricultural systems resource company, Agribusiness Innovation Ltd has come up with #EndHunger Today as a conference stable that enables the exchange of farm and management ideas that grant access to food production opportunities.

To achieve these objectives, the event will be carried out in collaboration with stakeholder organizations such as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS), National Agricultural Seed COUNCIL (NASC), Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), IITA, Biosafety Management Agency, Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Cooperation (NAIC), etc.

The event will have in attendance key exhibitors, collaborators, and participants from Nigeria, the USA, other African countries & will feature on modern farming technique.

...building a national resilience for sustainable food security




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