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What's AGRICON 2021?

It is the annual conference and exhibition for the year 2021 organized by Agribusiness Innovation International Limited. Abuja is the city chosen for this year’s event: it is designed for talks and exhibitions that address burning and overarching issues on food, agriculture, and agribusiness in Nigeria.

Why was the theme “#EndHungerToday. Building a national resilience for sustainable food security” chosen?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the disruption of massive food production, reduced farm inputs, and climate change has put food security in greater danger especially in developing countries like Nigeria. For this reason, there is a rallying call for joint action by all key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to come together and use this platform to prevent hunger which has reached an alarming proportion and is looming over the entire populace.

In what form will the Conference Expo take place?

The event comprises talks and exhibitions of various farm inputs, processed food, value additions to staple farm produce, a marketplace for the exchange of agricultural commodities, and demonstrations.

What are the key stakeholders expected to attend the Conference & Expo?

The stakeholders will be drawn from the private and public sectors. As such Federal and State government Institutes suppliers of farm inputs, food processing equipment, universities, research institutes farmers and commodity associations, International Development agencies, financial institutions, NGOs, agro-exporters, and facilitators, and of course the general public.

How many participants are envisaged to attend the event?

A large crowd is expected to attend the 2-day Conference and Expo from within and outside Nigeria. There will be strict compliance to COVID-19 rules by using a combination of the 2 largest halls, in the International Conference Centre, Abuja which will comfortably seat about 1000 persons.

How can one book a place for the exhibition?

Exhibitors are expected to register on the AGRICON 2021 website:, book, and pay for a booth at least three months before the date of the event. The prospective exhibitors may also choose to request empty space and erect a booth to suit their taste and design.

How much does the public pay to attend the event?

Attendance is free of charge

What are some of items expected to be exhibited?

The items for the exhibition will, to a large extent, be various agricultural inputs and technology such as seeds, plants, and plant products, fish and fish products, animal and animal products, agro-chemicals, fertilizers, solar energy, biotech, agricultural machinery, storage facilities, ICT-deployed agriculture methods of value addition to common staple crops and packaging technologies and materials, etc.

From where will the speakers be drawn from and what are some of the pressing issues for ending hunger they are expected to speak on ?

Experienced speakers from international development agencies, government institutions, NGOs, CEOs of big agribusiness establishments, and bankers are expected to do presentations on methods of addressing food and agriculture in the post-COVID-19 era, food storage and curbing food waste, climatic change, and the Global Reset.

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

There are 4 categories of sponsorship namely Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and have different features and sponsor entitlements such as free exhibition space at choice locations in the main exhibition hall, Media exposure and visibility, oral presentation to the Conference participants, and other complimentary treats. Click to sign up.

What makes the venue, International Conference Centre, Abuja attractive for a conference and exhibition of such magnitude?

The venue- International Conference Centre, is in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria centrally located in a modern metropolitan with excellent infrastructure, smooth traffic and gorgeous roads that makes driving a blissful experience. Being the seat of government with state liaison offices and HQ of all security agencies, personal safety is guaranteed. It also boasts of top-class hotels, hospitality businesses, and a very courteous population. The international conference center is always the first choice for top-level meetings and conferences.

What are some of post-AGRICON 2021 activities?

Agribusiness Innovation International Ltd, as an agricultural systems resource company, will harness the output of the conference expo for further human resources development in agriculture, and ensures The take-away from AGRICON 2021 will also serve as the bed-rock for subsequent AGRICONs- the annual conference and Expo. Key issues, discoveries, deals and experience will be packaged and subsequent follow-ups arranged for all interested groups

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