Agribusiness Conference and Expo is an annual event organized to improve the exportation potentials of Nigerian farmers and agripreneurs through the provision of linkage opportunities with international markets and improved awareness of modern farming techniques.


To achieve this objective, the event is carried out in collaboration with State governments, stakeholder organizations such as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS), Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC), CBN, Nigeria Customs Service, NAFDAC, SON, etc.


The event also has in attendance key off-takers from the USA, Europe, Asia, Nigeria, and other African countries and features practical demonstration sessions on modern farming techniques by technical experts and agribusiness institutions.


Provision of fora for public and private stakeholders to discuss contemporary agricultural issues.

Exhibition by farm input providers.

Demonstration and display of agricultural value chains and value addition.

Establishing a database of event participants, maintaining contacts, and building a network.

Publication of reports of the initiative or interventions.

Collaboration with Governmental and development agencies, NGOs in undertaking projects tailored to specific groups e.g. Women in Agriculture.

Establishment of a dossier of quality resources persons for specialized subjects, e.g. mushroom and hydroponic and greenhouse horticulture.


Webinar presentation with seasoned agriculture development administrators, subject matter specialists on contemporary agricultural issues. The conversations include audience participation.

Marketplace expo of farm products and services and talk by inputs suppliers and off-takers.
Live training and demonstration of farming techniques and product value addition.



AGRICON 2021 offered a range of opportunities to End Hunger through exhibitions of agro-produce, workshops, introduction of mechanized agriculture to local farmers, and women and youths’ empowerment. The event themed: “Building a National resilience for sustainable food security #EndHungerToday” consisted of various components of improving farming and also the export capacity of Nigerian businesses and MSMEs.


AGRICON 2021 specifically targeted local farmers, exporters of agricultural commodities, agro-processors, input suppliers, and other agripreneurs along the value chain in the agricultural sector. The gathering availed farmers, women, youths, and other agro-stakeholders a unique opportunity to meet, greet and strike business deals with players in the agro-export community, and attracted over 1,800 congress participants.



Benue State, known as the “Food Basket of the Nation” is very much endowed with a wide variety of economic agricultural produce that is yearning for viable presence in both the local and international markets. The slogan “Food Basket of the Nation” is a reflection of post adequate exploitation of the vast agricultural resource of the state. However, the ravaging effects of Covid-19 and notable widespread insecurity have impacted negatively on this otherwise viable resource. The state Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has taken a bad plunge and needs to be reestablished to its deserved status.


Our focus is to use the #EndHungerToday initiative to once again encourage youths and women’s participation in farming and agribusinesses. We will be doing this through skill acquisitions to strengthen the value chains of high-impact commodities i.e. those that are in demand locally, regionally, and internationally.

AGRICON/Benue Conference &

EXPO 2022

Agribusiness stimulus plan for  building a

national resilience for sustainable food security

Collaboration With


Palestinian Ambassador welcoming the AGRICON
team to a teaming arrangement meeting

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Using technology to drive agriculture in the Sub-Sahara

African Region 

EXPO 2022


AGRICON 2021 EXPO will feature the following agricultural sectors: Fisheries, Livestock, Crops, Seeds, Machinery, Biotech, and Agric Finance.

Prepare to strike fantastic deals, and also sponsor AGRICON 2022 to project your corporate image.


Meet International and local exhibitors, development agencies, researchers and business partners and financiers.


Listen to world class agriculturalists speak on food security and the synergy of agribusiness initiatives and government interventions on food issues and SGD Goal 2 Zero hunger and youth and women inclusion in food value chains.


Connect with over 2000 participants of farmers, fishermen, farm inputs dealers, government agencies and NGOs.